Tackling Claims Made Against Freelance Massage Therapists

The job of a massage therapist is a position which is absolutely based on trust. From sports personnel to regular people, those who place themselves in the hands of massage therapists, actually become totally dependent on them with regards to: 
  • Food habits wherein the massage therapist decides the diet plan as per the physical requirements of the clients, 
  • Exercise or massage routine which is also determined by them on the basis of the results that the clients want to achieve, 
  • Disciplining their daily lifestyle so as to incorporate more healthy habits etc. 

It is because of the uniqueness and totality of trust placed on beauty therapists, especially those who freelance and are self-employed, this profession is considered to carry relatively higher risks. Hence instances of claims and litigations are also quite common since accidents have a way of happening even with the most careful massage therapists.

There is thus an imminent need for insurance schemes so that these self-employed massage therapists can actually:

  • Protect themselves financially and 
  • Save them from being hassled and heckled unnecessarily. 

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Specific insurance policies for massage therapists

The fundamentals involved in choosing an insurance policy depend on three things:

  • The ability to gain financial help in settling claims, 
  • The provision for financial help in case of the claim going to court, 
  • The approval of a personal accident cover and 
  • The need to fulfil the financial needs if the person has to stay out of a job for a few months. 

On the basis of the three requirements, the insurance policies which self-employed massage therapists can choose from are:

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· Public liability insurance: This is the best insurance for this profession because it offers coverage for all the above mentioned needs. In fact the premium amount that needs to be paid is also comparatively less when compared to other insurance policies but relatively more when compared to many other professions. This is because the premium amount primarily depends on two things:

o The risk involved in the profession wherein high risk professions demand higher premiums and

o The coverage required wherein again the premium required is more if the coverage required is more.

This policy also has the capability of safeguarding the interests of the insured person when someone gets injured or something gets broken inadvertently.

· Employer’s liability insurance: As per the law, this is a mandatory insurance which needs to be taken up in case the massage therapist employs people to work for him.

· Motor insurance: This is again a legal requirement for those freelance massage therapists who use vehicles to transport their equipments.

· Business equipment insurance: This insurance policy deals with the replacement or repair of stock and equipments that get stolen, misplaced or damaged during the course of a professional day.

· Business premises insurance: This is an insurance that the landlord demands to see when a self-employed beauty therapist takes up space on lease. This policy also helps the massage therapist to take care of everyday risks irrespective of whether the therapist is operating from home or from rented premises.

· Personal accident insurance: While the insurance policies are generally concerned with third party claims, this insurance provides financial help when the self-employed massage therapist is himself involved in an accident. There are two types of personal accident insurance generally offered by insurance companies to people involved in this and other related professions. They are:

o Insurance for only the hands which are actually the key components of the body which actually do the required work primarily and

o Insurance for full cover which is a comprehensive insurance which covers the all the parts of the body of a therapist.

· Professional liability insurance: This insurance again protects the self-employed therapist from claims related to supposed or genuine professional malpractice. Thus this insurance enables a freelance therapist to bounce back from claim settlements made due to professional errors and mistakes or due to failure of carrying out the professional responsibilities to the satisfaction of the client.

· General liability insurance: This policy protects a self-employed massage therapist from accidental liability exposures that might occur due to accidents occurring on the premises of either the clients or the insured person.

Offering protection with far-reaching consequences, these insurance policies are absolutely capable of ensuring that the therapist is able to perform his professional duties with a peaceful mind thereby enabling him to concentrate and increase the volume of his business.