Motor Trade Insurance: Saves your money and tension

Motor trade insurance is one of popular auto insurance policies that cover a lot of vehicles under one policy, making it more cheap and efficient. This insurance policy seems like a boon for motor trade owners who have a large fleet of vehicles for their business.

It offers many indirect economical advantages. For example, it covers both the vehicle and the driver for risk factors on road like accidents, and you can let your passenger to take a test drive without worrying about repair costs.

No need to pay additional insurance charge
Motor trade insurance allows for changes in the vehicles at no extra cost. You are allowed to use your vehicles for private use as well.

Though this may increase the premium amount a little, you can mention it in the policy terms and get a cut in the premium amount.

Covers many risk factors

Motor trade business brings many risks for the vehicle, staff, customers and third parties that may be unknowingly involved in an accident. Fortunately, motor trade insurance covers damages happened to the vehicle or customers in the business premises or in the customer’s premises. Companies can get a policy that is comprehensive and covers their particular risk factors.

Saves your money and tension

It is like a godsend for business owners at times of accidents. With a motor trade policy, they can pay for the damages and keep their business from getting affected.

Covers third party too!

Major attraction of motor trade insurance is its comprehensive coverage. It covers damages to the third party that may be caused because of fire breakouts, theft or accidents. Besides this, it also pays for the damages caused to the third person if it was happened due to the negligence of the motor business management.

As such there are many insurance companies offering motor trade insurance, but Unicom Insurance excels in the crowd with a variety of policies and plans that could safeguard clients with best coverage options. Many layers of protection that you need when something bad happens on road, is offered by at the best price possible in the market!