Get Short Term Production Insurance To Ensure Smooth Productions Outdoor

Cutting expenses is a part of your job if you are a film producer. But, you may find it impossible when it comes to certain costs, such as short term production insurance. You can’t stay peaceful by taking a single type of insurance; instead you need different policies to cover different aspects of movie production.

Movieinsure is a rich source of different types of movie insurance plans that help you stay peaceful knowing that your outdoor liabilities are being covered. MovieInsure helps producers choose the right and best policy to secure their productions outdoor. 

General liability insurance

You need this type of coverage when you are shooting outside and have rented locations. You will be asked to show general liability insurance certificate to assure the owner of the equipment mentioned as an additional security. If you don’t have this movie insurance, it may obstruct your production.

Equipment rental insurance

This insurance protection is taken on production equipment and vehicle that you rent for movie production. You should buy this insurance long before you plan to rent equipment as it is a short term process. The rental service will ask you to show the equipment rental certificate that includes their name as an additional insured. New film producers should buy this insurance a month before they are intended to shoot.

Workers compensation insurance

This seems like a bit expensive insurance coverage that you will buy. You need this to shoot movies or entertainment videos with SAG actors, and also to buy corporate health insurance. This policy offers you excellent coverage if you get sick or disabled, and is a good option for you and your company.

These policies are bought annually and are great investment for multiple movie projects. You need to add riders or get new plans to cover pyrotechnics, stunts and other striking operations. Ignoring to buy short term production insurance can put your properties you have now and will acquire in the future, at risk. You will need to pay from your pocket if one of your staff gets injured on set, you drop equipment or if you damages the location by mistake.

MovieInsure escapes you from such situations by helping you buy the most suitable movie production policies that could make your production experience as smooth as possible. They are independent, licensed agent professionals bringing a personal touch between you and the insurance company.