Instant Car Insurance Quotes

There is a big difference between instant car insurance quotes and instant car insurance quotes. I know those both sound like exactly the same thing. The point I’m making here is that sometimes a person says ‘instant car insurance quotes’ when they’re really offering car insurance quotes – as soon as possible.

There’s a huge difference between instant and ASAP. If you’re looking for instant quotes then you want the quotes instantly so you can start saving money right now.

The difference between instant and as soon as possible really comes to the forefront when a person is seeking quotes from multiple car insurance companies. 

 The time you have to wait between asking for the automobile insurance quote and actually receiving the final figure can swiftly add up to be a fairly lengthy delay.

The reasons for the disparity between instant quotes and ASAP quotes mistakenly termed as instant quotes is often due to whether the information is acted on to get the quote automatically or whether an agent needs to intervene.

I’ve personally seen where an agent needed to react to the information and the agency wasn’t even open during the weekends. Instant car insurance quotes that were promised could actually take up to three days. How can this service be called instant? I’m not sure. I suppose they might argue that the request for a quote was delivered in an instant, even if the somewhat less than instantaneous response required a few days.

Another reason for the less than speedy delivery of an instant quote might be that there is some further information that needs separate delivery. For instance, the main price quote might be sent in an instant but some of the additional information needs to be forwarded later. The extra information might be related to special car insurance deals that might have a huge impact on the final price quote that didn’t factor into the instant car insurance quote.

I suppose what I’m really saying here is that when a website offers instant insurance quotes, they might actually be offering automatic insurance quotes. The automatic responses you receive can give you the quick comparison information to help you narrow down your search for the cheapest and best auto insurance but that instant version of the insurance pricing info might only be best for you if you’re already in an inexpensive auto insurance bracket. 

 If you’re not, then you could need special pricing and that might not be instantly obtainable. In other words, you could be much better off with an ASAP car insurance quote than an instant one in that case. is one great reliable company to check in case if you want to get the instant insurance quotes online. Besides offering online quotes they also provide insurance quotes over phone call from a live agent.

The circumstances of your insurance requirements may well be a deciding factor on whether you can get the vehicle insurance you need instantly. The car insurance quotes you get from multiple companies may have unique factors that could make the seemingly more expensive vehicle insurance coverage cheaper over the longer term or in the particular circumstances. Is the automatic database of car insurance coverage that an instant quote program can access sufficient to cover all particulars?

Look at your automotive insurance needs before seeking car insurance quotes and make sure you can be comfortable with the results of an instant insurance quote. If you know you want your insurance quote instantly then make sure the website you get your instant quotes from is actually providing the information instantaneously and not just ASAP. Either way, the choice of instant car insurance quotes is yours.