Gadget Insurance: Things to Check Before You Buy One

Oh! Yes, it’s starting of the New Year! Christmas is the only time when we spend most of the money to buy all the valuable possessions. Whether you have decided to buy Smartphone or an expensive camera or some other hi-fi gadgets this festive, it can easily become the target of the thieves and so it’s very important to choose the best insurance cover for your valuable gadget.

All the different kind of insurance firms offer various policy cover to the consumers. But, how much do you exactly pay for the insurance? How the insurance covers differ from each other?

What important aspects you should consider while choosing the gadget cover?

You should therefore choose the best insurance cover for your expensive and valuable gadget. Here are some valuable tips that can help. Check them out before you go for buying an insurance policy for your expensive gadget.

Calculate How Much Gadgets Are Worth

So probably one of the best New Year resolutions is to get an insurance cover for your gadget in order to protect it against any kind of damage or loss. The very first thing which all the gadget lovers should do is they should calculate the cost of the all the electronic gadgets they have.

The good thing is that you may also get a huge range of discounts on the gadget insurance cover. In the past few years, a lot of gadgets have been stolen which has made many people to look for an insurance cover so that they can protect all their gadgets using the best cover. Remember, if your smartphone or iPod is accidentally stolen or if it gets damaged, you won’t be able to afford it again.

Cost Matters, But Not Always

Never ever just focus on the cost of the insurance cover. There are different kinds of insurance covers, from cheapest cover to the most expensive one which offers worldwide coverage to the consumers. But, the cheapest protection cover won’t offer the benefits which you are looking for.

For instance- It may not offer any protection against any kind of theft or loss. Obviously, you don’t want a cover which has the cheaper premium but fails to offer you with any benefits.

Read the Level of Cover

A good gadget insurance cover always offers consumers with the protection cover for theft, damage, loss. For instance- A lot of insurance policies offer the repair or replacement cost to the consumers so that they can buy the gadget again.

Learn About the Add-Ons

Have you checked the add-ons? With some of the specific insurance covers, you may have to pay around $1 for certain specific loss, with the other insurance cover you may have to get a premium policy. And do the insurance cover offer protection for the accessories? No, most of them don’t offer any cover for the accessories.

If you are looking for a protection cover for the accessories, you should better speak with the insurance firm and ask them whether they can offer it. Furthermore, you will also get cover for fraudulent calls. This insurance cover is specifically for the cell phones or iPhone- cost of such a cover may vary from $100 to $1000.


Remember, you should claim for the cover within 24 hours. To put it simply, you should report about the theft or damage of the gadget to the insurance company quickly. All this can help you get your expensive and valuable gadget back. Keep all these great tips in mind to choose the best insurance cover for your gadget.