Tackling Claims Made Against Freelance Massage Therapists

The job of a massage therapist is a position which is absolutely based on trust. From sports personnel to regular people, those who place themselves in the hands of massage therapists, actually become totally dependent on them with regards to: 
  • Food habits wherein the massage therapist decides the diet plan as per the physical requirements of the clients, 
  • Exercise or massage routine which is also determined by them on the basis of the results that the clients want to achieve, 
  • Disciplining their daily lifestyle so as to incorporate more healthy habits etc. 

It is because of the uniqueness and totality of trust placed on beauty therapists, especially those who freelance and are self-employed, this profession is considered to carry relatively higher risks. Hence instances of claims and litigations are also quite common since accidents have a way of happening even with the most careful massage therapists.

There is thus an imminent need for insurance schemes so that these self-employed massage therapists can actually:

  • Protect themselves financially and 
  • Save them from being hassled and heckled unnecessarily. 

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Specific insurance policies for massage therapists

The fundamentals involved in choosing an insurance policy depend on three things:

  • The ability to gain financial help in settling claims, 
  • The provision for financial help in case of the claim going to court, 
  • The approval of a personal accident cover and 
  • The need to fulfil the financial needs if the person has to stay out of a job for a few months. 

On the basis of the three requirements, the insurance policies which self-employed massage therapists can choose from are:

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· Public liability insurance: This is the best insurance for this profession because it offers coverage for all the above mentioned needs. In fact the premium amount that needs to be paid is also comparatively less when compared to other insurance policies but relatively more when compared to many other professions. This is because the premium amount primarily depends on two things:

o The risk involved in the profession wherein high risk professions demand higher premiums and

o The coverage required wherein again the premium required is more if the coverage required is more.

This policy also has the capability of safeguarding the interests of the insured person when someone gets injured or something gets broken inadvertently.

· Employer’s liability insurance: As per the law, this is a mandatory insurance which needs to be taken up in case the massage therapist employs people to work for him.

· Motor insurance: This is again a legal requirement for those freelance massage therapists who use vehicles to transport their equipments.

· Business equipment insurance: This insurance policy deals with the replacement or repair of stock and equipments that get stolen, misplaced or damaged during the course of a professional day.

· Business premises insurance: This is an insurance that the landlord demands to see when a self-employed beauty therapist takes up space on lease. This policy also helps the massage therapist to take care of everyday risks irrespective of whether the therapist is operating from home or from rented premises.

· Personal accident insurance: While the insurance policies are generally concerned with third party claims, this insurance provides financial help when the self-employed massage therapist is himself involved in an accident. There are two types of personal accident insurance generally offered by insurance companies to people involved in this and other related professions. They are:

o Insurance for only the hands which are actually the key components of the body which actually do the required work primarily and

o Insurance for full cover which is a comprehensive insurance which covers the all the parts of the body of a therapist.

· Professional liability insurance: This insurance again protects the self-employed therapist from claims related to supposed or genuine professional malpractice. Thus this insurance enables a freelance therapist to bounce back from claim settlements made due to professional errors and mistakes or due to failure of carrying out the professional responsibilities to the satisfaction of the client.

· General liability insurance: This policy protects a self-employed massage therapist from accidental liability exposures that might occur due to accidents occurring on the premises of either the clients or the insured person.

Offering protection with far-reaching consequences, these insurance policies are absolutely capable of ensuring that the therapist is able to perform his professional duties with a peaceful mind thereby enabling him to concentrate and increase the volume of his business.

Public Liability Insurance For Large And High-Risk Companies

Public liability risks are anathema to all types of businesses irrespective of their volume or the type of business that they do. 

Hence from small companies to big corporations and even conglomerates are affected badly due to the settlement of claims arising out of such risks. It is not only a drain on the company's profits; it also tends to lower the morale of the workers and also has a bearing on its reputation.

While it is difficult for a company to avoid risks of this type, they can, however, save themselves from having to bear unnecessary financial loss by having a good insurance plan in place. 

This business plan generally consisting of a number of relevant insurance is extremely crucial for the health and continuance of the company especially if they are involved in high-risk sectors like entertainment, construction etc. 

What are high-risk companies

A company is said to be high-risk, especially in the eyes of insurance companies, if they satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

· The company has a higher record of claims raised against them,

· A huge number of lawsuits are filed against them,

· Needs insurance coverage of about £5 million or more,

· Is involved in operations which present a high risk to the surroundings and

· Have operations in places which are hazardous to the health of its employees.

These companies seek a relatively high amount of coverage and are also liable to pay more premiums than is generally paid by companies which do not have to face a high risk in its day to day operations.

Tradesman Saver Public liability insurance with £5 million cover

Companies which employ a large number of employees and also have a large business turnover, therefore seek insurance coverages of £5 million or even more. 

These companies need an insurance policy which not only helps them to counter financial risks, threats and losses but also a policy which can help them fight against claims which are unjustified or invalid or against the various lawsuits filed against them in the courts of law.

The public liability insurance policy with a cover of £5 million is a policy which is extremely beneficial to most big businesses. In fact, this policy is so flexible that it can be tailored to fit the requirement s of the corporation or organisation quite easily.

Generally, the public liability insurance policy covers the following risks and liabilities:

· Damages done to third party property or the property of the clients,

· Physical injuries incurred by third party or clients,

· An illness suffered as a direct fall out of the workings of the company by both clients and third parties,

· Lawsuits filed against the company for presenting risks and threats and

· Legal fees that need to be borne by the company either to contest the validity of the claims raised on them or to fight against lawsuits raised against them.

However, in order to make it much more comprehensive, some insurance companies help tailor the public liability insurance so that it is capable of servicing individual requirements of the company. 

This is achieved by the addition of any one or all of the following policies as required by the insuring corporation. The policies which are generally added to the public liability insurance policy are:

· Employer’s liability insurance which is a legal necessity,

· Tools and equipment liability insurance to safeguard the tools and equipments used,

· Plant and machinery liability insurance wherein manufacturing units are insured along with all the machinery inside,

· Temporary workers liability insurance for companies which employ a relatively higher number of temporary workers,

· Personal accident insurance which covers injuries incurred by both the employees and the Principals of the company concerned etc.

Thus the public liability insurance policy with a cover as high as £5 million is definitely one which needs to be deliberated on and tailored as per the needs and requirements of the company to ensure a 360 degree protection and also justify the high amount of insurance premium paid.

Get Crop Insurance to Provide Coverage to Your Yield

The type of insurance that helps in providing an additional layer of protection to farmers and their production is termed as Crop Insurance.

There are various broker agencies that provides with various insurance schemes to provide better protection on their products.

In general terms, insurance is provided on crops to cover any kind of losses due to natural disasters such as drought and flood. In any case, insurance company provides crop insurance coverage of two different kids: Crop yield and crop revenue insurance.

Things To Know Before Getting Crop Insurance 

There are two different kind of crop insurance that is available to farmers: Crop Hail and Multiple Peril Crop Insurance. 

If you are living in a country where hail is a usual event, then farmers tend to purchase crop hail insurance.

This insurance can be purchased at any time during the growing season.

In case of Multiple Peril Crop Insurance, this need to be purchase even before the planting begins. This insurance provides complete coverage to crops and farmers for losses incurred due to any kind of natural calamities, disease or excessive moisture.

The revised policies under this scheme also provide protection to farmers from any kind of revenue loss due to market fluctuation or low yields.

Currently, there are many private crop insurance companies that are authorized to extend their insurance coverage on crops.

While taking insurance, the delivery side includes writing and insuring policies, marketing and adjusting claims along with appropriate training and tracking of insurance claims. The Risk Management Agency oversees the activity of every insurance agency that provides crop insurance coverage to farmers.

Getting The Best Crop Insurance Online At Cheaper Price

The opportunities in the insurance sector are increasing day by day as many plans are being introduced for the help of young, adults or elderly people. The process has also become easier as one can get the insurance money on time when it is needed the most.

But it is usually seen that some of the companies gives out the basic coverage plan and do not cover extra cost incurred. Even some of them may not follow government policies. But the companies such as mga.com are providing the best benefits to the policyholders in compliance with the rules made.

When it comes to managing or lowering your crop insurance cost, there are few options for you. You will save a lot if you bundle your claims of all your coverage under a single policy instead of going to different insurer for different claims. 

Bundling all the claims in a single policy will help to reduce cost of your insurance in more ways than one. Different insurance companies can charge you different amount of premiums. This will make you end up with greater cost.

All good insurance companies like MGA will allow modifying the claim and coverage whenever you need. Thus you should always keep your insurance company updated about the claims and also review the company requirements twice a year. 

It may happen that you suddenly need to add a particular claim. This may arise at any time in the year. So keep yourself and the insurance company updated about the same.

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Public Liability Insurance Policy

Insurance certainly isn’t one of the more exciting aspects of running a business and it’s one that a lot of people are a bit unclear on, but it’s important that you get the right kind.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at public liability insurance, who needs it and what’s right for you.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance (PLI) is a form of insurance cover which covers sums that you are legally liable to pay as damages and expenses in the event of things such as accidental injury to people other than your employees, damage to material property, obstruction, trespass and nuisance.

Generally speaking, PLI usually covers any damage that you cause to another person or their property through your own negligence.

Do I Need It?

Unlike some forms of insurance, you’re not required to have public liability insurance by law, although it is usually taken out alongside the likes of employer’s liability and products liability insurance as a package.

PLI can be purchased by businesses both large and small, and it’s generally recommended that any business which comes into contact with members of the public on a regular basis has it.

Claims for public liability can result in damages of thousands of pounds, so it’s something that you really should be covered for.

Sometimes a client or company may choose not to work with you if you don’t have PLI in place.

For example, subcontractors are often obligated to take out public liability insurance by their main contractor as a condition of their contract and will usually stipulate that the subcontractor purchases the same level of cover as themselves.

Limits of Indemnity

Most PLI policies have a minimum limit of indemnity of £2,000,000 any one occurrence, although if you work for a local authority it can be even higher, in excess of £5,000,000 in some cases.

The limit of indemnity you choose will depend on your business, and the potential to cause lifelong injury, as while you may never think these kinds of things are going to happen, they can be very, very expensive when they do.

According to ConstructAQuote.com, the recommended level is usually around £1,000,000 to £5,000,000, but if you require more cover, it can usually be arranged.

When you do come to take out PLI, be sure to be very clear when describing your business and declaring your business activities.

For example, there may be some one-off jobs that you don’t carry out all that often that are far more dangerous than your average day to day work, and if these aren’t declared, then you could be refused a claim.

Making sure you have adequate insurance for your business is crucial and it gives you the peace of mind to let your insurer worry about any problems, while you crack on with the things that you’re good at.

For a roundup of some of the other types of insurance your business may need, check out this post from Entrepreneur.

Tips for Finding A Reliable Life Settlement Broker?

As Life Insurance Settlements are a new fiscal service, it is advisable that you look for a reliable and legit broker and acknowledge the complete procedure first. 

There are several life settlement companies which can help the retirees. Life settlement companies are licensed to buy life insurance policies on behalf of big institutional investors and people. They may also function as an investor. 

Life settlement companies have great expertise in assessing the investment quality of life insurance policy and bid for the insurance policies depending on the characteristics of the policy, life expectancy of the insured as well as interest rate that the policy carries. 

Once, the policy is acquired, the company resells it to a group of investors to make further profit.

You can check more about the policy value at life settlement calculator before planning to sell your policy. There are life settlement brokers who buy life settlements on behalf of the company and sell on behalf of the policy owners.

However, the broker needs to be chosen after considering some important aspects. Some of them are mentioned below:

· Transparent transaction

It is important that your broker educates you and keeps you informed about the process and fee involved. He should tell you about the buyer and seller and all the offers that you get.

· Institutional funding

With the rise in life settlement industry, you see a lot of fraudulent happening. One way to control it is to involve life settlement funder who will ensure that your broker is dealing with the right investors. Anyone with sufficient life settlement fund can buy your life insurance policy.

· Fee structure

Life settlement brokers have varied fee structures. There are three of them mentioned below:

- Percentage of the basic amount

- Percentage offered

- Value created

· Competitive bidding

Ensure that your policy qualifies for the highest bid so that you get the best offer. Some life settlement broker may sell it to one or two parties. However, your broker should collect the maximum bids for you so that you get the highest price.

With the right broker by your side, you will definitely get the best value for your insurance policy. Thus, it is very important that you select a reliable and reputed life settlement broker.

Benefits of Getting RV Travel Insurance

Planning for a great RV travel with your family or friends? Well it’s a great idea.

But have you thought about what are the most needed things which will make your journey safe and comfortable. If you are planning for your RV trip then getting a RV travel insurance is an important thing that you should do. 

The travel insurance gives you surety of safe travel and if you have it then it will work like a backup plan for all your emergencies or accidents.

RV travel insurance gives you cover of all your damages and it will give you help in handling financial situations of any medical emergencies.

It will cut off the medical bill expenses and thus you will get instant financial relief in any kind of sudden and accidental medical emergency situation.

Today, nothing and no place is safe. In fact, traveling is one of the most common and most risky requirements of a person. Of course, you cannot stop traveling due to its risk factors because it is not possible but yes, you can take some steps for prevention and the travel insurance is one of them.

If you are in journey or holidays and if you faced any sudden accidental situation then it would be hard for you and for your family members to get you transported to the right hospital in totally unknown and different place but RV travel insurance will help you in such circumstances.

You will get the death coverage if any unfortunate accident happens to you and the body of travel insured person will be transported back to the home.

While traveling, the RV travel insurance will take care of your stuff and if any one steals your baggage or stuff in another place then travel insurance will give you good and proper coverage for this as well!

How Drones Prove Useful For Inspecting Insurance Claims?

Drones have now become very common and surprisingly have opened up many new markets for the traders and suppliers. Recent developments have made it clear that, drones have been opening new markets for the insurance operators spread across India.

Commercial Usage of Drone

Flying your drone can be very exciting! But you need to know the nittigritties in case you are planning to use drones for commercial purposes.

Typical usages of drones in the commercial segment have become extremely popular in the recent past. Drones are generally used for several purposes which are as mentioned below:

· border patrol,

· filming

· news gathering

· crop dusting

· search and rescue

· power line patrol and

· Land surveying

Most of these tasks are risky and are very often found to be time consuming. However, as far as insurance companies are concerned they normally use drones in order to complete their inspection processes. Thus, drones help in inspecting properties which are directly linked with insurance claims.

According to Magruder companies drones can really help to put up some support in terms of managing damaged properties. Disasters are certain incidences which tend to create a huge impact on the human lives as well as our society. A specific role of drones, which have been observed in the recent past had been in assessing the damage, creating a direct linkage to costs incurred which can lead to faster payment of claims.

Types of drone services that are available include the following:

1. assessment and inspection

2. management of claims through following an universal framework of analysis

Drones which can be used for processing insurance claims:

There are various types of drones which could be used for insurance services. But experts had observed that, the markets in which drones are being used are heavily competitive. The services of drones which are being used commercially are still at a nascent stage, and the total market is yet to be evolved till a matured stage.

The drones which are used specifically in the insurance specific markets include the following:

· Drones which help in measuring the Physical damage (hull). This includes the drone, cameras, sensors, ground station.

· Drones which measure the various types of Liability.

Various Uses Of Drones Otherwise
In addition to the above, there are further uses for drones which have been specified. These include:

· border patrol

· filming

· news gathering

· crop dusting

· search and rescue

· power line patrol and

· land surveying

Property evaluations by drones have more or less become common phenomena. Insurance companies can generally use drones to examine property where they themselves have a minimum reach.

Insurance companies in the recent past have resorted to using drones for doing claims appraisals after damage. Widespread damages can also be assessed with the help of drones as they are known to provide rapid responses.

Rapid responses can in turn facilitate the process of managing rightful claims and thus can create a smooth workflow for insurance brands as well.